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With the best green thumbs on the planet, we helped design Plantups, the ultimate modular living green wall system that works with many sizes and many plants.

Botanicus installed the first version of the “Plantups” living green wall at Cornell University in April of 2015. Our goal was to test the system and monitor success and failure of an assortment of plants with various soils and grow pots options. This system has proven to work very well! It is easy to install, easy to plant & easy to maintain a wide variety of plants. Flowers, herbs, vegetables to foliage, ferns and flowering bromeliads, orchids and basic philodendron vines, were tested in the system.

Trays drain from the top to the bottom.

Angled tray uses wick capillary water system.

Perfect for inside and outside.

No pumps or electricity.

The plants are easy to change in and out.

Many nursery grow pots will fit.

Simple, easy and visually stunning.

Immediately becomes a defining focal point.

Plants Please & Wow People With Living Green Walls Made Beautifully Simple by Plantups!